Monday, January 25, 2016

NJ Cop Demoted for "Supporting" a Political Candidate

In the article Demoted NJ cop's First Ammendment case divides Supreme Court  a New Jersery cop was demoted from his job as a detective for backing a political candidate. Jeffrey (the cop) said it was all a misunderstaning because he was picking up a sign for his mother which contained the political candidate. I feel like Jeffrey shouldn't have been demoted of his job as a detective because he has the freedom to voice his opinion even if it was an enitire misunderstanding. Even though Jeffrey wasn't at all supporting the candidate who was against the towns mayor he should'nt be demoted and to me it is a violation of your first ammedment right of freedom of speech. It is not right for your boss to demote you of your position just because your supporting a person or cause.

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