Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Social Media Reflection

I just read an article speaking about how a school district hired an ex-FBI to monitor what there students post on social media, for example like Facebook and Twitter. I believe that it is right for officials to monitor what their students post on social media, but to an extent where they are not too invasive. From the article School System Hires Former FBI Agent to Probe Social Media there was a situation in one of the schools where a school official asked a student for passwords to social medias like Facebook. I believe that was to invasive for a school official to ask a student for their password also it is one thing for them just simply monitor, but it is too much for them ask for passwords. Besides being invasive there also a few pros of having an ex-FBI monitor the students media because the article stated that in the process of monitoring they were able to save the life of one the students who was at the time posting suicidal messages. These are the kinds of things schools should monitor and take action upon. Another thing was that the school district was able to prevent a grave peril that could've happened at their school because the district recevied a tip concering a threat upon the school. A student was found to have a knife and an 8-inch blade with them on the schools' campus. All this was due to them getting a notice on social media which in the end saved lives. I believe that schools should take action and be able to monitor what their students post to prevent any issues that could arise within the school, but the school officials shouldn't be invasive and force students to give them their passwords.

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