Thursday, January 7, 2016


If I were to make the laws there would be a somewhat drastic change to how it is right now. I beleive that everyone deserves to have free education which means that there college tution would be free. Becasue maybe the next invention or the cure for cancer is out there, but the person is being held back from going due to finacial cost this would give them the opportuniy to express what they know and make a difference. Another change would be to raise the taxes on cigarretes because everyone should know by now that there are a ton of health problems from continously smoking cigarretes. Hopefully with this it would lower purchasing of cigarretes and as well lower consumption of these harmful chemicals. Lastly, I believe that the rich should be taxed more than the middle class and lower class becasue some of the middle and lower class may be struggling finacial wise in this world while the rich are living a luxirious life. The three changes that I presented is what I believe should be changed.

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